aerial shot of broken pier in puerto rico with turquoise water and green hills in the background

Reliable & Rapid Response

Disaster Response

Disaster Response Services

Capitalize on our combined experience in:

Spill Response (SCAT, NRDA, Biological Monitoring, Wildlife Capture & Rehabilitation & Logistics)

Damage Assessments

GPS Data Collection/GIS Analysis

HAZMAT Surveys

Environmental Evaluations

Indoor Air Sampling (i.e., Mold/Vapors)

40 hr. OSHA & TWIC Trained Personnel

Safety & Compliance Oversight Waste Management (Sampling, Characterization Handling, & Prioritization)

Emergency Debris, Monitoring Removal & Transportation

FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Administration & Public Assistance Grant Program Administration

USDA Rural Development Emergency Community Water Assistance Grants

FEMA Special Community Disaster Loan Program Administration

Flood Control, USACE & USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service Admin. Contracting

Environmental Unit Support