aerial shot of housing development site suburban street

Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to Site Development Challenges

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Services

Capitalize on our combined experience in:

Land Development Advisory Services

Affordable Housing

Flood Hazard Grant Program

Local Planning, Land Use & Zoning Analysis

Ordinance Review, Preparation & Rezoning

Site Engineering

Master Planning

Community Development & Subdivision Design

Plot Plans & Site Grading Plans

Site Utility Design (Water, Sewer, Stormwater)

Lighting Plans

Site Identification & Site Suitability Analysis

Feasibility Studies/Constraints Mapping

Housing Plan Element/Fair Share Plan Analysis

Development Fee & Payment in Lieu Advisory Services

Redevelopment & Rehab Studies & Plans

Professional Planning Reports, Litigation Support & Expert Witness Testimony

Fiscal Impact Analysis & Build-Out Analysis

Full Suite of Allied Services, Including Engineering, Survey, Permitting, Remediation, Landscape Architecture & More

Coastal Lakes Surge Reduction & Increased Discharge Capacity

Flood Risk Reduction Infrastructure, Including Certain Facilities Hardening Projects

Stormwater Management

Beneficial Use of Dredge Material