close up of pipes and equipment at well site

Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona Well A

Hydrogeology from A to Z

Since 2019 Matrix has been providing annual Professional Services for Well Drilling Oversight for the City of Tucson Water Department. Since then, Matrix has overseen the drilling, installation, and testing of six high-capacity water supply wells for the City, one of them being Well A-062A. This well is located in a residential development and thus required sound walls to minimize noise impacts to the surrounding neighbors. During well drilling and rig development, all circulation water was retained in above-ground reservoirs. Reservoirs were also used during pump development and aquifer testing to decant and clarify the discharge prior to releasing the flow to a desert wash. Owing to subsurface conditions encountered during drilling of the pilot borehole, additional time was required for completion and development of the well which resulted in the slightly higher final project cost.

For all wells in this contract, Matrix’s hydrogeologists provided 24/7 continuous oversight documenting the pilot hole drilling, downhole geophysical testing, well installation, development and aquifer testing to ensure all field operations were conducted in accordance with Technical Specifications prepared by Tucson Water. Upon completion of aquifer testing, Matrix periodically inspected the site documenting demobilization of equipment, proper sealing of the well, sounding and gravel feed tubes, confirming tag depths, gyroscopic and video surveys, final site cleanup and surface completion.

Services Provided:

  • Well Drilling Oversight
  • Well Installation & Testing Oversight