close up of survey equipment in front of the statue of liberty

Liberty Island, New York

National Park Service Statue of Liberty Life & Safety Upgrades

Historic Structure Laser Scanning

Matrix conducted a detailed laser scanning survey of the interior spaces within the monument pedestals of the historic Statue of Liberty at Liberty Island, New York. The survey was performed utilizing the Leica C-10 High-Definition (HD) Laser Scanner System. The scope of the survey was to verify the vertical dimensions and alignment within the main shaft of the pedestal as part of an extensive Life and Safety Upgrades project that will include new stairs and elevators to improve safety and emergency egress and new mechanical and electrical services to provide pressurization and climate control in specified areas of the monument. The use of our state-of-the-art HD Laser Scanner System was ideal for a project of this type and offered the most cost-effective means of capturing this critical data under difficult field conditions. A majority of the available basemaps and control points for the interior spaces, stairways, and elevator landing points were of questionable accuracy, and maneuvering equipment was difficult due to the limited space available with several physical impediments.

The major advantage of the HD Laser Scanner System was in the ability to capture a large number of data points and features with a limited need to reposition the equipment as compared to conventional surveying methods. In addition, Matrix continued to provide survey services for the project required for construction layout of other site activities. This included layout of the proposed waterline and layout of the proposed stairs on the exterior of the monument between the terreplein and 2.5P (Stair D).

Services Provided:

  • High-Definition Laser Scanning