underground storage tanks

Central New Jersey

Environmental Consulting for Large Mixed-Use Redevelopment Site

Environmental Site Investigations for Future Development

Matrix is providing environmental services at a planned mixed-use redevelopment site in central New Jersey. Matrix will complete a Phase II environmental site investigation including the required field investigation and ground-penetrating radar and magnetometer survey of the site to screen for underground utilities, underground storage tanks, and other anomalies.  Matrix will provide full-time oversight during the investigation.

Matrix will also complete environmental work plans and conduct soil, groundwater, and soil gas sampling to evaluate potential impacts related to underground storage tanks, known or suspected pesticide residuals, naturally occurring metals, methane, VOCs and CVOCs associated with closed landfills, a temporary gas station building, transformer storage area, and a drum refurbishment area located on the property. Our professionals will complete a Phase II report, including a full review and evaluation of relevant data, as well as ongoing environmental support. In addition, Matrix will evaluate future site remediation requirements and develop an order of magnitude cost estimate to complete the work.

Services Provided:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • GPR Survey