spill response

Matrix is always on call.

Regardless of the size, season of occurrence, or area of impact, spills of oil or hazardous materials can be devastating in terms of environmental impact costs and negative publicity. A rapid response is vital to effectively managing these events.

Matrix’s scientists and technical staff are on call for immediate deployment to spill sites, day or night. The firm’s staff have decades of combined experience in spill response, assessment, and mitigation services, and we maintain our skills through advanced training, drill participation, and ongoing project work in various states.

Our overall philosophy and guiding principle is that Spill Response and NRD issues are most successfully resolved when addressed within a cooperative atmosphere that emphasizes the importance of respecting stakeholders and focusing on shared goals and defined end points. Matrix recognizes that one can convert and direct the energies of stakeholder “agendas” into “shared goals.” Establishing a value-consensus promotes cooperation and expedites the process, especially with NRD issues.
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