Matrix Vice-President Featured In Statewide Publication
Andy Raichle shares outlook on future projects.

Florham Park, NJ – Andy Raichle, P.E., Vice President, Matrix New World Engineering (Matrix), was featured in a recent ‘ROI NJ’ article, ‘Public shift: Architecture and engineering firms expect business to stay good — but maybe not in traditional fashion,” discussed engineering firms are potentially shifting to public infrastructures projects with thoughts of a recession coming.  Matrix has been sharpening its resources in the event of an economic plunge. If a recession were to occur, Raichle is confident that the firm will stand strong with all its future efforts in the coming months and years. 

While Matrix's projects have been evenly split between private jobs and public infrastructure in the last few years, Raichle believes there may be a repositioning as interest rates rise and public infrastructure funding kicks in.

Raichle continued, “So, while an even split might be ideal, we may see a bias toward public infrastructure work in the near future.  Our folks are trained to live in both worlds, which allows us to ride these changes in the economy.”

According to Jayne Warne, PE, President, “The $1.2 trillion federal infrastructure bill will go to funding public infrastructure projects such as roads and bridges, as well as cleanups of contaminants such as groundwater soil-invasive compounds, e.g., PFOs chemicals, which bring major opportunities to Matrix for environmental remediation. It is an exciting time for the company.”

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