Matrix New World Engineering Leader Is Guest
On International Podcast

Olga Abinader Featured on Today is the Day Changemakers Podcast.

Florham Park, NJ — Olga Abinader, Director of Environmental Review and Land Use Planning, (Matrix) was featured on Today is the Day Changemakers Podcast. During a lengthy conversation with host Jodi Grinwald, they discussed Abinader’s background, how she overcame diversity and her current leadership position at Matrix.

There is still much work to be done to improve the livelihoods of working Latina mothers.  One avenue is to increase assistance to educational opportunities. Abinader explained, "There is a responsibility on us to continue to raise that awareness and to connect with the right changemakers in order to find a way to bring us out of this pattern.”

Abinader also emphasized, "It really starts with understanding what the issue is, bring it to light, create awareness, and then engage a community of leaders that are accessible, approachable, and care so, together, we can change that reality and improve the metric." This can be done by creating mentorship programs and having outside influences help where they can as well. 

To view the interview, please click here.

According to Jayne Warne PE, President, “We are very proud to have Olga Abinader as a dedicated leader at Matrix.  We stand behind her goal to improve the lives of others through education, mentorship and opportunity.”

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About Olga Abinader
Born in the Dominican Republic, Abinader emigrated with her family to Salem, Massachusetts in the early 1990s.  Her family maintained strong connections to their Caribbean heritage by speaking only Spanish at home. As a fully bilingual English and Spanish speaker, Abinader translated for family and friends who had limited English skills. In 1999, Abinader assumed a leadership role in the “La Union Latina” organization, established in 1987 at Salem High School to celebrate Latin-American culture and traditions.  In 2007, Hispanic Business Inc. recognized Abinader as a Winner’s Circle Scholar at the Hispanic Business’ annual Woman of the Year Awards event.
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