federal programs overview

Matrix means engineering & scientific ingenuity.

Matrix provides engineering and scientific ingenuity on some of the largest and most crucial projects across the United States. From working on Military Installations to Civil Works projects, our engineers and scientists are involved from project inception, providing preliminary environmental and hazardous materials studies, Federal, state, and local environmental compliance analyses and documentation, and regulatory permitting beginning with the initial planning stages for feasibility studies, through conceptual design, final design and construction, with our engineers providing multi-disciplinary design services and field oversight.

Great engineering starts at the planning phase and is not complete until the ribbon is cut on the project. The aging infrastructure and the understanding of sea-level rise and resiliency concerns are demanding agencies’ attention. Projects are progressing from planning to implementation at a much quicker pace with the advent of Design-Build (DB) contracting. Our diverse abilities enable our involvement on all complexities and sizes, including resiliency improvements, ADA compliance, capacity and infrastructure improvements, modernization, and design of new facilities.
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