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Post-Hurricane Assessment of Nationally Significant Maritime Facilities,
Multiple Locations, Puerto Rico (MARAD)

Matrix New World Engineering (Matrix) was engaged by the US Maritime Administration (MARAD) to rapidly evaluate the condition of 23 nationally significant commercial port and recreational maritime facilities throughout Puerto Rico after the devastation left behind by Hurricane Maria in October 2017.

Matrix deployed a team of over 40 engineers, ecologists, hazardous materials specialists, divers, and surveyors throughout the Commonwealth to comprehensively evaluate maritime improvements (piers, bulkheads, navigation channels), upland facilities (warehousing, offices, utilities, roads, etc.) and ecological conditions at each of the ports.

Matrix’s deliverable for the effort included preliminary engineering designs, cost estimates, regulatory evaluations and NEPA compliance documents for more than $1B in proposed facility repairs and climate change resiliency improvements.
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