Raise Shorelines Citywide, Priority Implementation Projects,
New York City, New York

The New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) on behalf of the Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency (ORR) is managing the Raise Shorelines Citywide Project to address vulnerability of NYC shorelines due to sea level rise. Funded through community development block grant funds for disaster recovery (CDBG-DR), the Raise Shorelines Citywide Study evaluated 600+ miles of NYC shorelines to pinpoint and prioritize locations in need of heightened coastal edges and/or reinforced shorelines. The program was developed to ensure that vulnerable coastal neighborhoods and infrastructure are prepared to withstand the impacts of climate change, specifically sea level rise impacts. As part of the study, priority sites were identified to address resiliency and readiness for long-term sea level rise through the implementation of strategic localized projects.  More >