digital solutions

Matrix unlocks the power of your data.

Data driven decision making is a key tenet of management in the modern world. Effective and efficient management of a company’s assets; and environmental, health and safety, and sustainability (EHSS) programs is key to improving operational performance, risk management, stakeholder engagement, and improved ESG metrics. Our multidisciplinary team of EHSS practitioners partners with our clients to optimize business processes and increase the value of existing programs through digital transformation.

Matrix provides bespoke digital solutions that allow businesses to leverage their existing data and standardize data collection and visualization (e.g., dashboarding) to offer key insights and optimize operations and decision making. Our Digital Solutions team supports clients at any point in their digital journey. Whether clients are seeking to understand the value of a digital platform, or have previously identified an opportunity for business refinement, our team can work with business leaders to understand the needs of an organization and help with the creation, selection, implementation and/or maintenance of a solution.

Our solutions range from refinement of existing data collection / governance processes; to development of complex databases, geodatabases, and enterprise wide dashboards; to selection and implementation of leading EHS software platforms. We customize solutions based on our clients’ needs, and scale the solution such to provide value and only include services that are critical to our clients.

EHS & Compliance Management Systems
In a complex world driven by technology and agility, many organizations are making the transition to digital systems to manage their EHSS data. EHS and compliance management solutions reduce organizational risk, increase productivity and transparency, and enhance operational performance. Matrix partners with organizations in the planning, selection, design, configuration, and implementation of an optimal third party or custom built EHS management solution. Combining our strong technical knowledge with our programmatic expertise in all aspects of environmental, health, safety, sustainability, and deep experience in EHS integration, our team assists organizations in building a program and digital solution that is sustainable and forward facing.

  • Digital System Selection
  • Digital System Integration
  • Digital System Support
  • Digital System Implementation
  • Materiality Assessment
  • Enterprise & Infrastructure Management
  • Custom Builds
  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Legacy Data Migration
  • Needs Assessment
  • Current System Evaluation System Testing
  • Business Process Creation & Refinement
  • Program Standardization & Best Practices
  • Program Audits
  • SME Consultation
  • Dashboards